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We are digitalizing our guitar cabs with the same passion as  we put in to creating our guitar and bass custom cabinets.  If you already use our FREE IR, you will find the finest guitar IR for your Professional recording studios and Live performances.

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FEATURED Impulse responses

Latte 212 [FREE PACK]

Authentic Tones in Digital Format LATTE 212, cabinet with Celestion speakers Creamback H75 and Redback H150. 

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Latte 212 [BASIC PACK]

This is a selection of some of our favorite impulses from the professional pack. Contains 52 impulses, produced without post processing thru SSL console using solid state and tube amps.


Latte 212 [PROFI PACK]

138 impulses taken from LATTE 212.  Mixed together or individual speakers with various microphone positions. Recorded using both solid state and tube amps thru SSL console without post processing. Perfect studio solution.


These IR sound "Fucking" great 

Bill Kelliher - Mastodon

Coffee cabs is perfect solution for studio or live shows! I can not imagine my guitar sound without this cabs and IR in my home studio.

Roman Ibramkhalilov - JINJER

Best natural sounding IR’s I ever heard. Amazing work!

Joe Tal, former guitarist of TEXTURES