Latte 212 [PROFI PACK]

Latte 212 [PROFI PACK]

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Impulse response (IR) pack containing 138 impulses taken from LATTE 2x12, loaded with UK made Redback H150 and Creamback H75, all in 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz sample rates. Impulse responses were created at The Barn recording studio by the producer Dan Friml, using his signature mic positioning and almost 30 years’ experience in recording guitars. Including 79 IRs of Redback H150 and Creamback H75 mixed together and 59 IRs of individual speakers with various microphone positions and combinations, meticulously recorded using both solid state and tube amps and SSL console with VHD pre-amps. Suitable for any type of guitar sound and genre.

Solid State Amp

40 Mix Redback H150/Creamback H75

19 Creamback H75

17 Redback H150

Tube Amp

39 Mix Redback H150/Creamback H75

12 Creamback H75

11 Redback H150


Shure SM57

Royer R-121

Sennheiser e906

Shure SM58